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Slube Pure Water Based Bath Gel 500g

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Slube Pure Water Based Bath Gel 500g


Keep it simple and immerse yourself in pure slippery fun with this easy-to-use, unscented, thick play goo from Slube.

Slide and dive in a bath tub or playpool filled with this thick, transparent gel that will let your inhibitions fade away.

Super easy to use – just run a bath, pour Slube crystals in the water and mix &ndash, you can enjoy the unique Slube sensation within minutes. Want a thicker texture &ndash, add more crystals, prefer a thinner goo &ndash, add more water, it’s so easy!

Ideal for full body massage, sexual and sensual lubrication or play wrestling in a pool, Slube will tear down your inhibitions and bring out your most playful side &ndash, the one that always wanted to bath in a tub of thick sludge.

Degradable, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, condom safe and dermatologically tested, it will leave your skin refreshed and smooth, while clean-up won’t be an issue either &ndash, just dilute your mixture and let it all go down the drain.

Want to mix things up and go all out, check out the other Slube fragrances with outrageously vibrant colours!


  • Slube water-based erotic bathtub and play goo

  • Unscented and water-based

  • Pure, transparent gel

  • Ideal for full body lubrication, massage, wrestling

  • Simply mix with water to create gel

  • Consistency can be customised

  • Non-toxic and hypo-allergenic

  • Condom- and internal-safe

  • Food Grade Colours

  • Easy to clean &ndash, just dilute and let it drain

  • Degradable

  • Not Edible

  • Vegan Friendly

  • Made in the UK

  • Ingredients: Acrylamide sodium acrylate copolymer CAS 25085-02-3.


Contents: Slube Double Packs include 2 x 250g sachets and an instruction leaflet. This is enough for two whole bathtubs, or many smaller mixes, depending on how you use Slube.


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